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Had me send $275 for the PIP insurance, never sent me money for loan and wil not give money back for the PIP that they had me send!! also have been calling and promising that they would refund this money but after week and a half nothing except phone calls promising and then hanging up Ray Martin and Sean Marshall are the parties of which have been tormenting and making the promises. All i want is my money back...Nothing in contract says this is not refundable when loan does not go thru as promised Read more

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I did not apply for a loan from you. I don't even know this loan company. Delores Anderson Brown. Know at this time I am doing the right thing by letting you know I did not apply for a loan from your. I am doing things to get my credit up par. This take time and I don't need no one doing this because I do not want to bring my score down. Let me hear from you as soon as possible. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your help and have a Blessed weekend. Read more

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In regards to your question. My little advice is that you go to a bank in your area to request for the loan, and that is if you have a collateral, but if you want a loan from those that give out unsecured loan without a collateral i know of a loan firm that gives out unsecured loans, though he is the only one i have tried for now so i don't really know if their interest rate is the lowest. Few months ago when i had a bad credit, a friend of mine introduced me to them, in spite of my bad credit they were able to lend me a loan of $20,000 of... Read more

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Getting a loan from Prosper was the absolute worse experience ever! I've always had good credit, mid 700s... Got approved for a loan with Prosper to consolidate some debt. Yes I was able to pay off the debt but my credit score dropped nearly 150 points. I have never been so furious! And I feel like I was scammed! Considering a lawsuit now because they pretty much messed up my life with their deceptive tactics. I'm certain I'm not the only one this has happened to. Maybe a class action suit is in order for what they've done. Read more

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I believe Prosper may be a scam. It was recommended to me by a doctor so I could get a medical loan for an elective surgery which my insurance doesn't pay for. I went to the site and signed up. I gave them all my information including phone number, address, social security number, birth date ... everything. When I clicked on check loan (it claimed this doesn't affect your credit score but I wouldn't believe that. Any inquiries into your credit score can affect it) it only offered me half of what I needed and the rate was higher than expected... Read more

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I applied for a debt consolidation loan in November of 2015 and was approve for about 17,000.00. Shortly thereafter I received a correspondence indicating that I qualified for an interest reduction. I followed up and the customer service person told me this was not true. They said if I paid my bill on time for 9 months I would qualify for a reduction. I paid my loan on time for 9 months; called them and they said I did not qualify for a reduction. In December I called them and asked for payout amount and about a week later sent them the... Read more

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  • Feb 27
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JENNIE SAVINO Feb 27, 01:58 You took my bank # and made me believe it was approved as also your letter said preapproved and in order to get my bank # you said funded . Destroy all my information and now I will be changing bank accounts . Ps. There is know excuses for your behavior or your misleading of people . you are going to regret your actions SOON!!! Add comment

very tired and angry . This company ask more than any financial institution . At the end terrible waste of time. W2. Bank statements, pay stub, lease contract. Bills as, insurance, phone . Cable. Drivers license and cant remember what else. At this point very frustrated. A la *** prosper *** su pedidera de papeles y tanto tramite para un triste préstamo que al final se quedaron *** todos mis papeles , para luego quien sabe para que los usaran, lamentablemente asi son las empresas como estas que no tienen escrupulos. Read more

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  • Prosper
  • Jan 16
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I applied for a much needed loan. It was approved but interest rate 35.97%.....higher than the cards I was going to pay off!! outrageous so I turned down the loan. Do much for low interest rates!! Add comment

I was approved for a $7500 loan was all set gave them everything they needed since she called non stop till I decided to go through with it then as soon as loan was supposed to be deposited nothing no call no email i left 15 messages and nothing till the loan closed and I was denied access to my account what a waste of time and actually $ since i spent thinking my loan would be deposited :( I suggest NEVER work with this company or Fundera since they set me up with prosper then also disappeared .... Read more

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