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very tired and angry . This company ask more than any financial institution . At the end terrible waste of time. W2. Bank statements, pay stub, lease contract. Bills as, insurance, phone . Cable. Drivers license and cant remember what else. At this point very frustrated. A la *** prosper *** su pedidera de papeles y tanto tramite para un triste préstamo que al final se quedaron *** todos mis... Read more

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I applied for a much needed loan. It was approved but interest rate 35.97%.....higher than the cards I was going to pay off!! outrageous so I turned down the loan. Do much for low interest rates!! Add comment

I was approved for a $7500 loan was all set gave them everything they needed since she called non stop till I decided to go through with it then as soon as loan was supposed to be deposited nothing no call no email i left 15 messages and nothing till the loan closed and I was denied access to my account what a waste of time and actually $ since i spent thinking my loan would be deposited :( I... Read more

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United airlines advertises that Prosper is one of their mileage plus partners that you can get a mile for every dollar borrowed. My wife and I borrowed $35,000 in October 2015 and have made over 5 calls to Prosper about getting the milage posted to our United Mileage account. After talking to about 10 different misinformed Prosper representatives and opening two inquires we still haven't seen... Read more

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Easy to borrow, but terrible customer service. In the process of setting up my loan, I’m sure I asked for the due date to be the 15th of each month, since that’s when I get paid. Instead they set it up for the 14th, which means they were drawing my payment out of my bank account on the very last day before I got paid. Sure, it’s easy to say I should keep more money in my account, but I’m not the... Read more

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My wife has received Pre-approval notices from them and one day she tried to accept the offer and then they change their tune and say she doesn't qualify. They play games by leading people to believe that they are approved for the loan and then bait-and-switch at the last minute to avoid giving out the loan. There needs to be some sort of legal ramifications for lenders who mislead people into... Read more

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I have little doubt that Prosper is an honest business. Despite that, potential lenders must be aware of some caveats that I wish I'd known about. Customer service is readily available, but not well informed. The loan performance CS reps provided for my loan portfolio was FAR higher than it turned out to be. The numbers they use are the rosy figures (progressively 12%, then 11%, then 10%)... Read more

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OMG. I am buying a business, and needed a quick infusion of cash. I have a 745 credit score and got approved for $35K. Had to submit some paperwork. 6 days later, I get a call from an analyst stating that I should have checked self-employed. He will simply close my post, then I should edit it.No worries, as it's a quick fix. He never did it, and after talking to six different customer service ... Read more

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I continue to receive their offer to givr me a loan i never asked for this i do not know how i got put on the list i dont trust company that solicitate my personal info in the mail. I wish they would stop sending me this junk as it will continue to go in the garbage. Add comment

Quite a while ago I simply inquired about a loan with Prosper out of curiosity [interest rates] combined with the fact that they claim it does not affect credit score. Apparently by doing this, I inadvertently authorized Prosper to send me unauthorized emails including periodic checks to my credit score (soft inquiries). As my credit score ebbs and flows (as I recently had a medical expense I... Read more

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