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I am a senior Citizen and a Retired Person. I have reasons to believe that I have been exploited and presumably cheated by the deceptive and high pressure sales tactics, hidden stipulations in the contract by the following company.

I lost more than $15,000 and added to my debt. Watch for this company.

Prosper, Inc

5072 North 300 West

Provo, UT 80604

This company provided me with a website with a professional Logo was so incomplete with limited options. I found out from people I hired to perform SEO could not do any changes to the website.

They told me that this website is hosted and template based ecommerce solution and it can only work on the current hosting provider's drivers. I hired a tutor to help me edit side navigation. She found that even the shopping modules were never activated. No wonder, I couldn't make a single sale in two years. But they charged me about $2900.

Watch for these two companies. I have reasons to believe that I am ripped off.

eHarbor Search Marketing Group

1323 North Research Way

Bldg K Suite 1100

Oren, Utah 84097

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did you get resolution through filing a Better Busines Bureau report

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